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Alternative group insurance for your employees

The health insurance benefit is the most expensive benefit of group insurance plans. But did you know that you could still insure your employees without it? Our brokers have access to unique alternative group solutions on the market to help you cover your employees without all the related fees.

We are the only ones offering alternative group insurance plans that complement the RAMQ's health insurance coverage. With Proteck Solutions, you can offer your employees life insurance, dental insurance or any other benefit, but without the expenses associated with health and drug insurance coverage.

How do Proteck Solutions work?

Proteck Solutions are, in fact, group insurance plans offered on an individual basis. They are more affordable for employers who don't have to contribute, as opposed to most traditional group insurance plans. Premiums are also guaranteed in time: no surprise variations. You have both the advantages of group insurance and the flexibility of personal insurances.

Why choose Proteck as your alternative group insurance

  • Affordable coverage for your employees
  • Flexibility of personal insurance
  • No employer contribution required
  • Premiums guaranteed in time
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