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Group insurance and annuities for businesses

Groupe Cloutier Benefits' business volume allows us to create exclusive group insurance products and annuities, along with offering privileged benefits for businesses.

More employee benefits: a solid recruitment argument

By offering the best employee benefits, you stand out from the competition during recruitment periods. For example, we offer Dialogue, a unique web application that gives your employees direct access to physicians online. Specialists can make a diagnosis and write prescriptions remotely.

Your employees thus save precious time as they don't need to wait in the doctor's office, and therefore are less absent from work. We have a wide range of group insurance and annuity options: Our advisors will help you find the right ones.

HR support and simple file management

We have developed partner plans with human resource companies and other companies for health support solutions to help you manage your employee files. For example, if your company expands and reaches 70 employees, we will help you with new regulations that apply. With us, our clients save on average 15% of the cost compared to direct HR services.

Also, our new online platform allows administrators to easily and quickly manage their employee group insurance and employee changes directly with the insurance companies. Moreover, it gives you direct access to the taxable benefit calculation and all administrative forms. No more double data entry, it's easy: Simply visit the client portal. No additional documents to fill out, no calls to make and no emails to write. These are but a few of the advantages offered to businesses at Groupe Cloutier Benefits.

Why choose group insurance and annuities with us

  • Exclusive products and increased benefits
  • Benefits and insurance options at affordable prices
  • Direct access to all insurance companies
  • Network of distributors across Quebec
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