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Education savings plans for children

Your children might work part-time during their studies, but you also might help them financially. Why not contribute now to savings plans and generate profits that will be available when your children need it?

Our advisors will help you find profitable investment strategies to finance your children's education or even your grandchildren's education.

Gift a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

Parents and grandparents are wise to contribute to a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) as soon as children are born. It's a great way to pass on assets. Also, the money is not only for university studies: It can be used for any post-secondary studies as well, including technical programs. The greatest gift we can offer a child is education.

Education costs increase more than 2% annually

Every year, education costs increase faster than the 2% inflation rate. This means that if the money you save for your children's education is not strategically invested, you lose a little bit every year. Our advisors can offer you available education savings plans available that ensure each dollar you put into your children's education yields a profit.

Why choose an education savings plan with one of our advisors

  • Flexible investment options
  • Complete analysis of your financial situation
  • Registered Education Savings Plans adapted to your budget
  • Clear explanations and advice
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