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Personal income tax advisors and tax consulting

Our advisors are excellent generalists supported by the greatest specialists. In each Group Cloutier department, we have an investment professional ready to answer our advisors' questions and analyze our clients' situation.

You can be sure you'll get the best advice to truly maximize your investments.

Saver or investor?

Do you invest in the stock market, own an income property or farmland? You are an investor. By consulting our advisors, you are sure to pay the least amount of income tax possible with an optimized tax strategy. They ensure that all your investments and assets are profitable and, if not, find ones that are.

More than a simple investment analysis

Our advisors not only analyze your immediate needs, but also any other actions that could be lucrative. For example, if you meet our advisors to buy a building, they could note that one of your tax strategies isn't paying enough. They would then consult our tax expert and suggest more profitable solutions for you.

Why develop a profitable strategy with one of our advisors

  • Comprehensive and in-depth analysis of your financial situation
  • Advisors supported by tax and financial specialists
  • Long-term vision of your investment projects
  • Clear and quick answers
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