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Exclusive financial products for our advisors

When you become one of our advisors, your clients can join the Business Services Association (BSA/GC), which allows you to offer and distribute exclusive benefits such as accidental death benefits, critical illness insurance, health insurance and many others. But there's more.

Complete claims support

Joining the BSA/GC gives you access to unique claims support. When clients make a claim for disability, critical illness or long-term care, our team of professionals specialized in rehabilitation takes care of everything for you:

  • They fill out the claim forms
  • They contact the insurers, physicians and specialists
  • They write statement reports
  • They confirm that nothing is missing to process the claim request
  • They follow up on the file during your client's rehabilitation

Alternative group coverage with Proteck

For your clients who are considering giving up their group insurance due to  high costs, we offer alternative insurances with Proteck Solutions. As a Groupe Cloutier advisor, you are among the only ones who can offer this exclusive product to companies that come see you.


Online mutual fund management with InvestPLUS


We are the first brokerage firm in Quebec to offer the mutual fund management platform InvestPLUS. This tool will help you manage everything online: Your clients create an account, complete their online profile and are directed towards one of the five ETF portfolios designed by Invesco Canada. Even the signature is electronic, which means you avoid paper document exchanges.

You may also contact your clients directly through the platform and complete everything remotely, without having to travel.

Why join the Groupe Cloutier team

  • Experienced specialists to support you
  • Great trust-based relationships
  • Access to more than 20 insurers and exclusive products
  • Unique training designed specifically for you
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