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Our offer to business owners and professionals

As a business owner or professional, choose an experienced & highly specialized general agent for your insurance plans, finances and management.

Business owners and professionals who choose Groupe Cloutier are surrounded by the best specialists in 7 key activity fields.

Business owners and professionals

Business continuity

  • Needs and impacts analysis for extended leave of key staff members and shareholders
  • Buy-sell agreement financing
  • Liability protection
  • Business overhead expenses analysis
  • Diagnosis of current protections, recommendations and business continuity plan elaboration
  • Key staff retention and related financial risks

Income protection insurance for shareholders

  • A perspective offered to shareholders, executives and key staff members
  • Needs analysis in case of disability or critical illness
  • Evaluation and implementation of appropriate protection plans
  • Coordination with private, group and public insurance plans

Supplemental pension plans

  • Individual pension plan (IPP)
  • Retirement compensation arrangement

Excess cash and tax optimization

  • Analysis and recommendations in relation to corporate passive income
  • Assessment of investment tax efficiency
  • Strategic diversification of assets
  • Estate value optimization
  • Heritage transmission and philanthropy

Group insurance & pension plans

  • Business need analysis considering administrative, legal, financial and fiscal challenges
  • Insurance plan elaboration according to similar businesses in your activity field
  • Market and quote analysis
  • Planification of insurance implementation and communication
  • Validation of contractual documentation
  • Renewal analysis
  • Recommendation of tax optimization strategies
  • Alternate solutions to group insurance plans

Human resource management & health and wellness programs

  • Occupational health and safety programs
  • Management support for disability leaves
  • Telemedicine services
  • Custom surveys to define employee needs

Specialized resources and partnerships

  • Fiscal and legal referencing
  • Human resource, health, legal and actuarial service partnerships
  • Mortgage financing
  • Other financial needs and financial leverages
  • Business transfers

Groupe Cloutier is a leading multidisciplinary financial services firm and market influencer that has enjoyed notoriety for over 40 years.

Proud to offer financial advisors the ability to offer a full range of financial services to their clients in five business divisions.

  • Personal insurance
  • Investment & retirement
  • Group insurance & annuities
  • Living benefits
  • Mortgage brokerage

The undeniable choice of independent advisors. A strong and established network with more than 1,000 advisors who value independence, the human approach to business and advice and where impartiality is an integral part of the solutions offered.

Choosing Groupe Cloutier is choosing:

    • An unmatched market knowledge
    • The expertise of a highly specialized team
    • Bargaining power to obtain the best conditions for our clients
    • A direct access to all insurers throughout Canada
    • A direct access to the greatest asset managers in Canada for personal, group or institutional needs
    • Distinctive approaches and solutions
    • Support and coaching programs
    • A strong local regional presence with six financial centers spread across Quebec:
      • Montréal
      • Outaouais
      • Québec
      • Saint-Hyacinthe
      • Sherbrooke
      • Trois-Rivières

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