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Personal insurance consulting & brokerage

Office employee or manual worker. Tenant or owner. Travel buff or early retiree. Who you are determines the insurance you need. This is something our independent advisors in personal insurance know. They are experienced and we also give them all the tools, training and support they need to truly help you. Not to mention their access to nearly 25 major insurers.

Groupe Cloutier and its advisors are well equipped to provide you with guidance.

Life insurance

Life insurance has changed: it's no longer a simple protection for you and your loved ones in case of death. It's also a solid investment vehicle you could bequeath.

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Critical illness insurance

Critical illnesses such as cancer or a heart attack can occur at any time. Receive a lump sum payment in case of a diagnosis to focus on your recovery, without stressing about finances.

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Supplementary health insurance

Stop spending too much: Get reimbursed for certain medical expenses not covered by provincial insurance plans.

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Disability insurance

You never know if an accident or illness will occur. What if it was you? Equip yourself with short or long-term coverage in case of disability.

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Insurance without medical exam for non-insurable clients

Medical history, high weight or advanced age: Various factors can make it hard for you to get insurance. Yet, you could be covered.

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Travel insurance

With your insurance card in hand, a broken foot in a foreign country would ruin your vacation, but not your finances! For a few days, weeks or months, leave worry free.

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Business owner insurance

Have you planned for everything in case of death or long-term disability of one of your associates? Share transfer, estate, management: We plan it for you.

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Our personal insurance providers

Throughout over 40 years of our experience in insurance and financial services, we have built strong business relationships with the best providers. We know the financial sector inside and out!

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